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10 Best Productivity Tips For Working Remotely

Working from home has become very popular, which should come as no surprise. There are many reasons that people would want to work remotely, such as:

  • decreased transportation costs
  • less time away from home
  • less money spent on work clothes
  • more time at home with family
  • you are an introvert like me and going to an office all day drains you completely!

But can you reach the same productivity working from home as you can while working in the office? According to recent studies, people who work from home are generally more productive.

Here are some tips for working remotely and being productive while doing so.

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Tips For Working Remotely

Before discussing some productivity tips, here are some things you can do to prepare to work remotely. These suggestions will help you feel more like you are working at your company’s job site.

Designate a Separate Office Space

Having a designated area for your office will help keep your work and personal life separate. If it is a room with a door, that is even better. Then, you can close it while you are working and when you leave for the day.

Schedule Your Work Hours

Even though you are working from home, keeping a regular schedule is helpful to you, your employer, and your family and friends. Share your plan with your employer so they know when you are available, and tell others so they are aware when you should not be disturbed. Consistency in your schedule will also help your work-life balance.

Create an Ergonomic Work Environment

Choose a chair that is comfortable to sit in and enables you to maintain good posture. Set up your computer and desk using height and angle recommendations. Otherwise, you could end up with neck or back pain. Keep your arms and wrists in the appropriate position when typing to avoid injuries. There are plenty of ergonomic tips for working remotely. Find ones that work best for your home office.

Wear Regular Work Clothes

Even though one of the benefits of working from home is that you don’t have to purchase business clothes, the best practice is to dress still as if you are going to the office. This routine will help you get in the mindset of working. When you are in sweatpants and a T-shirt or sweatshirt all the time, you might get lax on responsibilities and feel tired. You definitely want to be awake during your work hours!

Learn to Say No

When you work remotely and people know that you are home all the time, you will discover that you are very popular. You will get a call to volunteer for a field trip or a bake sale. Your neighbors will come over or call to see what you are doing. Your family will ask you to help them with things. It is essential to learn to say no to things that take you away from your work time. Even though you are home, you are still working. There is some flexibility in your schedule, but if you say yes to everything, you will have less productivity working from home due to working fewer hours.

How To Be Productive Working From Home

Man working remotely on laptop on the kitchen counter

Now that you have learned some general tips for working remotely, here are some additional ones to help you become more productive. These will help significantly to make the most of your work hours.

Organize Your Workspace

Keep your desk clean and neat. Clutter can cause distraction. Be sure that everything you need is quickly accessible so that you don’t have to keep reaching or standing up to get things, particularly items you use often.

Remove Distractions

While you are working, turn off other electronic devices, if possible. Alternatively, turn off notifications so you are not alerted when people respond to your social media posts or when you receive a personal email or text message. Identify other distractions that occur regularly and find ways to limit them.

Keep Multitasking to a Minimum

When you are working, focus on your job. Do one thing at a time. For instance, if you are in a meeting, pay attention and don’t try to work on a report that is due soon or read your emails or see what’s happening on the news. You might be able to multitask by putting a load of laundry on when you get up to get a drink of water. Just be sure you are not spending 30 minutes away from your desk when you just got up for a 5-minute task.

Take Breaks

Get up often to stretch or take a break from looking at your computer. It is easy to get caught up in your work and forget to take breaks when working remotely. You will find that getting away from your office for a few minutes will help increase your productivity working from home.

Set a Timer

When you take a break, be sure to set a timer. If you only want to be gone for 15 minutes, set a timer to alert you when you need to be back at work. It is easy to take more time than you planned because of extra distractions and responsibilities at home.

Now that you know some tips, share them and help your co-workers and friends learn how to be productive working from home. Just because you are not in the office does not mean that you cannot still get your work done in a timely fashion.



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