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The complete review of flexjobs to help you decide if it is right for you.

A Comprehensive Review Of FlexJobs – Is It Actually Worth It?

If you have ever gone searching online for a flexible, remote job, you are pretty much guaranteed to have seen ads for a website called FlexJobs. And while the website looks compelling with thousands of job opportunities that are flexible and pre-screened for legitimacy, you might be wondering if it’s actually legit and if it’s worth trying. That’s why in this blog post, I am doing a comprehensive review of FlexJobs so that you can decide if it is a tool that you want to use on your job hunt.

FlexJobs is known as one of the top-ranking job-board websites thanks to the extensive research and screening they do on every job listing that is posted on the site. However, to get access to the job listings as well as the other benefits they provide, you have to pay a subscription. So, is it actually worth it? Can’t you do this for free yourself? Will you actually be able to find a job?

In this blog post, I am going to answer all of your questions about FlexJobs and provide my personal thoughts on the platform. And if you decide you do want to try them out, I have a discount offer that you can take advantage of.

So, let’s jump right in!


What is FlexJobs?

FlexJobs is a website where companies can post remote freelance and/or remote job opportunities for anyone looking for flexible work. Its mission is to help people find legitimate job opportunities that can be done from anywhere, including in the comfort of their own homes. No more worrying about scam job listings.

You can see some job listings for free without being a member, however, this is limited and you won’t be able to apply until you become a member.

There are thousands of companies in over 50+ career fields that post their flexible job opportunities on the website. So, no matter what skill set you have, FlexJobs is confident that you will be able to find a great job that suits your wants and needs.

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FlexJobs can help you find flexible, remote job positions that will allow you work from anywhere!

Is FlexJobs Legit?

FlexJobs is a completely legitimate website and company. They are a trailblazer in the remote work industry and have been around since 2007. In that time, they have helped millions of people find flexible, quality jobs that fit their lifestyles.

On their website, you will find hundreds of testimonials and many glowing reviews thanking FlexJobs for helping them find a job so quickly.

FlexJobs has also been featured in major publications like Forbes, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Mother Jones, Fast Company, and many more. So you can rest assured that FlexJobs is not a scam!

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Is Flexjobs Reliable?

FlexJobs prides itself on the extensive research they do for each and every job listing that gets posted on its website. This is so that you can apply for jobs with confidence knowing that they are legitimate and of high quality.

Additionally, FlexJobs also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. So if you sign up and don’t find a job that you like in the first 30 days, you can get your money back, no questions asked. This gives you the opportunity to try it risk-free.

My Honest Review Of Flexjobs

Now that we have established that FlexJobs is a legitimate company, I want to give you my honest review so that you can decide if it will be right for you to try out. Just because FlexJobs is legitimate does not mean it will be the right fit for everyone.

Pros Of FlexJobs

Legitimate, screened jobs.

In our current world, we have to be more careful than ever with our safety and personal information. There are so many scams out there, and you need to be extremely aware of this when applying for jobs. That’s why I really appreciate that FlexJobs takes so much care and consideration to make sure that the jobs listed are legitimate, high-quality jobs.Β 

While there is a membership fee, I look at this as a small price to pay for peace of mind that I am applying for quality jobs. It also saves me time from having to do all this research myself. That is essentially what you are paying for.


Job Variety

I was really surprised by the variety of jobs posted on FlexJobs. As I mentioned earlier, they have listings in over 50 career categories. So whether you are looking for something part-time or full-time, entry-level or executive, there is sure to be something that will fit your needs.Β There are also many different job types available, including freelance, remote, and even a few hybrid on-site/remote positions.

Frequent Job Listings

Another great thing about FlexJobs is that new job listings are added daily – sometimes even multiple times a day. This means that you always have a fresh batch of job opportunities which is great when you are looking for a job.

Additional Support

FlexJobs’ mission is to help you find a good, high-quality job, and to help ensure you do just that, they also provide so much additional support including training webinars, checklists, and PDF guides.

If you are looking for even more support in your job search, you can also take advantage of coaching calls, mock interviews, and even a resume review service for an additional fee. Information about that can be found here.

Get additional support to help you find a flexible, remote job that you can do from anywhere.

Partner Discounts

Lastly, they offer several member perks with companies such as QuickBooks, Costco, Audible, and more. To learn more about their partner discounts, go here.

Cons Of FlexJobs

No Free Trial

Unfortunately, FlexJobs is not able to offer a free trial. However, they do offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, even though you do have to pay upfront to try the platform, there is at least a no questions asked guarantee, so if you aren’t happy, you can request your money back. To learn more about their guarantee, scroll to the bottom of their pricing page here.

There Is No Guarantee Of Results

Like anything in life, you have to put in the effort to see results. For this reason, FlexJobs is not able to offer any guarantees such as how long it will take you to find a job or a guarantee that you will definitely find a job. Instead, they offer that 30-day money-back guarantee previously mentioned. If you want to see results, then you need to put in the effort and hard work. FlexJobs can’t do this part for you.

How Much Does FlexJobs Cost?

FlexJobs currently has 4 pricing options:

  • 1 Week: $9.95 billed weekly
  • 1 Month: $24.95 billed monthly (works out to $6.24 per week)
  • 3 Months: $39.95 billed quarterly (works out to $3.33 per week)
  • 12 Months: $59.95 billed yearly (works out to $1.15 per week)

And if you click on the image below, you can save up to 30% on your membership, for a limited time only. So be sure to take advantage of this offer while it’s available!

Psstt… Last year Flexjobs had a killer Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale with up to 67% off their subscription! So keep an eye out for that sale again this year.

What does my membership come with?

Every membership comes with:

  • unlimited access to the job boards
  • free skills testing
  • a free profile that allows you to be found by potential employers
  • a personalized portfolio where you can upload your resume, examples of your work, etc.
  • email alerts for jobs related to your search
  • job search tips and resources

Why can’t I just use a free job board on my job hunt?

Free job boards are great if you are willing to spend time weeding through all the jobs listed and the potential scams. If you do decide to use a free job board on your job hunt, be sure to know how to spot a scam job. I have written another blog post here that walks you through the different things you can look for in scam job listings.

Free job boards may also lack quality jobs as legitimate companies are much more likely to use job boards where they have the best chance of finding quality employees. Anyone who has paid to use a platform such as FlexJobs is far more likely to be a high-quality, serious candidate for the job role since they are putting in the effort to find quality jobs themselves.

Find legitimate, flexible, remote job positions quickly.

Who is FlexJobs not for?

If you are someone who is looking for a job where you physically go into an office every day, then FlexJobs will not be the best resource for you.  While there are some on-site jobs listed, the vast majority of them are remote jobs.

FlexJobs is also not for people who are expecting to find a job overnight. While the job board is updated daily with new job postings, you still need to put in the effort to find a job that is suitable to your skills and interests, and this can take time.

Is FlexJobs worth it?

In my opinion, FlexJobs is 100% worth it if you want to find a good, high-quality freelance or remote job.  With the frequency that new jobs are added, the support available, and the guarantee in place, it is definitely worth the investment.

The cost of FlexJobs is also very reasonable when you compare it to other job boards or even headhunters. And if you use my link here, you can even get 30% off your membership.


I hope that this blog post has helped you to decide if FlexJobs is worth trying for you.

A comprehensive review of FlexJobs to help you decide if you want to try it on your job hunt.


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