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A complete review of My Perfect Resume.

Get An Interview FAST – My Perfect Resume Review

Are you looking for an easy way to create a professional resume so that you can land more job interviews? My Perfect Resume is one of the most popular online resume-building tools on the market. But is it actually worth it?

In this My Perfect Resume review, we’ll take a closer look at some of the features, advantages, disadvantages, and overall cost of My Perfect Resume so that you can decide if it’s the right resume-building tool for you.

What Are The Main Features Of My Perfect Resume?

My Perfect Resume offers a wide range of features to help you build the perfect resume. These include:

  • A modern, easy-to-use resume builder with thousands of customizable templates and designs to choose from.
  • Resume writing tips for your industry.
  • Professional guidance on how to best format your resume so that it stands out from the competition.
  • Additional tools such as cover letters and thank you notes for your potential employers.
  • Resume and cover letter examples to help inspire you.
  • Access to My Perfect Resume’s job search engine.
  • And more!
My Perfect Resume Review that will help you decide if this is the best tool for you.

What Are Customers Saying About My Perfect Resume?

Before I sat down to write this review, I spent some time talking to people who have used My Perfect Resume to get their feedback, and I got rave reviews!

One thing that really stood out to me from these conversations was how easy My Perfect Resume was to use. They each explained that My Perfect Resume walks you through the process step-by-step, while also offering suggestions, keywords related to your chosen industry, and more.

Other people spoke about how fast the tool is to use. One person even said it took less than 10 minutes to complete. This is great, especially when you need to start applying for jobs fast.

But the best part of all these conversations is how everyone I spoke to got more interviews than they ever have before. This allowed them to negotiate better contracts and land their dream jobs!

Based on the people I spoke to, My Perfect Resume sounds like a great tool. But, there are some things you need to take under advisement to get the best results from this platform.

Writing a resume for your job hunt to get more interviews.

How Much Does My Perfect Resume Cost?

One thing I really struggled with when writing this My Perfect Resume review was trying to figure out the cost. Unfortunately, they keep the cost very hidden. You actually have to go through the process of making your resume or cover letter before you have the chance to sign up for an account or learn about pricing which I think is silly.

But, with that being said, the prices are not at all unreasonable in my opinion!

To get access for 14 days (which is all you really need if you just want help with your resume and cover letter), it costs less than $3! This is a great price when you take into account how much feedback and guidance they offer throughout the process.

If you want ongoing access to My Perfect Resume, you will need to sign up for monthly access which is more expensive. The current cost at the time of writing this review is $5.95 per month billed all at once for the entire year.

Printing out your finished resume that you made with My Perfect Resume.

What Do You Get With A Subscription

14- DaysAnnual
Unlimited printing and downloading for 14 days. Unlimited printing and downloading for the year.
Access to all resume and cover letter templates.Access to all resume and cover letter templates.
Resume CheckResume Check

In addition to the features you get with the paid subscription, there are also many helpful free resources that can be found under the career center.

How It Works

First, you are asked if you want to start from scratch or if you have an old resume you want to upload. If you do have one that you can upload, My Perfect Resume will pull out all the information to be used on your new resume so that you don’t have to start entirely from scratch. This can save you a lot of time which is incredibly helpful.

Using My Perfect Resume to build your resume.

Next, you get to choose from their library of templates. Now, my first impression of the template library was that they were kind of bland. However, I was pleasantly surprised at the end of the resume-building process because you can change the colors, fonts, format, and more. So, I recommend just picking the one you like the most because in the end, you can customize it to better suit your style.

Then, My Perfect Resume walks you through each section of the resume including work history, skills, objective statement and more.

Finishing the different sections of your resume.

One of my favorite features, as I was doing this part, was the recommended writing examples and tips. Throughout the entire process, they will take what you have written and provide ideas and tips on how you can make it even better to suit your industry. If writing is not your strong suit, I think you will really enjoy this feature. It takes away all the pressure.

Get tips and ideas to improve your resume.

Then, once all that is done, you finally get to customize your resume.

Customize Your Resume

Another feature that you can access from your account dashboard is a score panel of your resume. This gives you suggestions on how you can improve your resume.

Final review of your Resume in My Perfect Resume which gives you a score.

What I Didn’t Like About My Perfect Resume

There are two things that really stand out to me that I didn’t like about using My Perfect Resume.

The first thing that I kind of already mentioned is how secretive they are about the pricing. In my opinion, they don’t cost very much, especially if you just go for the 14-day subscription. But having the prices hidden like that made me very skeptical about how much it was going to cost once I was done making my resume.

The second is how difficult it is to cancel your subscription. You either have to call them or submit a request to have one of their agents cancel your account. To me, this is very cumbersome and is just a way to make people stay on the platform longer.

My Perfect Resume FAQs

1. Is My Perfect Resume Legit?

Yes, My Perfect Resume is a legitimate resume-building tool. Not only do they help you build and optimize your resume so that you can get more interviews, but they also share examples for inspiration, advice for the interview process, and so much more.

2. Is My Perfect Resume Free?

While you can build your resume without having to pay anything, you will not be able to print or download that resume until you pay for a subscription. So no, My Perfect Resume is not free. To learn more about the cost of My Perfect Resume, go here.

3. Is It Easy To Cancel My Perfect Resume Subscription?

Unfortunately, no. This is one thing I strongly believe the platform could make better for its customers. Instead of just being able to go into your account to cancel your subscription, you have to either call their helpline or submit a request for cancellation.

Creating a finished resume that you can use to get more job interviews.

My Final Thoughts On My Perfect Resume

Overall, I think My Perfect Resume is a great online resume-building tool. Especially if you can be strategic with how you use it.

If you only want the 14-day subscription, I would recommend making your resume and cover letter before you sign up. This will give you ample time during the subscription to print or download it, modify it, make different iterations of your cover letter, and so on.

While one could argue that you can use similar templates on Google Docs and not have to pay anything, I think the real value of My Perfect Resume comes from expert tips and advice, writing suggestions, and so on. Writing a resume can be a daunting task. But this tool makes it so much easier to write a professional, stand-out resume that will get you more job interviews in less time.

I hope that this My Perfect Resume review has helped you to decide if this is the right resume-building tool for you.

To learn more about My Perfect Resume, go here.

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My perfect resume review to help you write a resume that gets more interviews.


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