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90 ideas for Etsy shops that you can start today.

90+ Etsy Shop Ideas That Will Sell Like Crazy

If you’re interested in starting an Etsy shop, but don’t know what to sell, then you’re in the right place. I’ve compiled this list of 90+ ideas to help you choose what you want to sell. 

All of the things included in this list are popular on Etsy already, so you know there is a market for the products. This helps to ensure you don’t start creating products that simply won’t sell.

I’ve also included some tips on how to narrow down what you want to sell because after going through this list, you might be overwhelmed with ideas. By the end of reading this blog post, you should have a really good idea of what you want to sell in your Etsy store. 

Etsy is a great way to start a side-hustle or add another revenue stream to your business, and I can’t wait to get started. Let’s jump right in! 

90+ Etsy Shop Ideas

As you are going through this list, you will start to notice that some of the things included could be sold as physical products or as digital products. So how do you choose if you should sell physical or digital products? 

Physical Products Vs. Digital Products

There are several ideas included in the list that can be sold as physical products. Some can be handmade, but if you aren’t crafty, you can also get them made by a manufacturer. 

– You can typically charge more
– It’s a great way to be creative

– You will need to consider the cost of manufacturing, supplies, and shipping
– Inventory will be something you have to be mindful of and track

There are also several ideas that can be sold as digital products. This is a great option if you don’t want to deal with manufacturers or inventory. 

– Potential for higher profit margin as you only need to make the item once
– Zero shipping costs
– No inventory to manage

– Digital products are typically lower in cost
– You will need to make sure your customers understand this is a digital item otherwise you will have a lot of customer complaints to manage

Whichever one you choose needs to be right for you, and there is no right or wrong answer. 

Next, let’s go through the 90+ Etsy shop ideas. 

Wedding Shop Ideas

Weddings are a massive industry, and there are a lot of customers on Etsy looking for various wedding items. Here are some ideas of things you could sell in the wedding niche. 

#1 – Save The Dates
#2 – Invitations
#3- Table Numbers
#4 – Signs
#5 – Banners
#6 – Wedding Favors
#7 – Personalized Bridal Party Gifts (Necklaces, Candles, Mugs, Etc.) 
#8 – Wedding Planner
#9 – Guest Book
#10 – Menu
#11 – Seating Chart

Party Supply Shop Ideas

Similar to weddings, there are a lot of items you can sell on Etsy to help people organize and decorate for different types of parties including retirement parties, birthday parties, holiday parties, bridal showers, etc.

#12 – Invitations
#13 – Decorations (Signs, Banners, Tableware, Etc.) |
#14 – Wearable Items (Hats, Sashes, Etc.) 
#15 – Games
#16 – Favors
#17 – Party Planner

Party shop ideas for Etsy.

Personalized Gift Shop Ideas

There’s nothing quite like getting a gift with a personal touch, and these types of products are incredibly popular on Etsy. 

#18 – Mugs or Cups
#19 – Candles
#20 – Cards
#21 – Wall Art
#22 – Signs (Wooden, Metal, Etc.) 
#23 – Clothing (Sweater, Hats, Etc.) 
#24 – Jewelry
#25 – Blankets (Crochet, Quilt, Etc.) 

Home Decor Shop Ideas

Home decor is actually one of the most popular categories on Etsy, and there is a lot you can sell within this category. 

#26 – Cushion Covers
#27 – Sculptures
#28 – Vases
#29 – Ornaments 
#30 – Shelves
#31 – Furniture
#32 – Candles
#33 – Cookware 
#34 – Wreathes
#35 – Rugs
#36 – Wall Paper
#37 – Decals/Stickers

The neat thing about homeware is you can create the items with any number of materials including wood, metal, fabric, pottery, glass, etc. 

Wall Art Shop Ideas

Wall art falls under the home decor category on Etsy and is very popular among Esty customers. You can either sell these as physical products, or you can sell them as digital products that people can get printed themselves.

#38 – Photos
#39 – Quotes
#40 – Artwork (Nursery, Playroom, Common Living Spaces, Etc.) 
#41 – Wooden Signs
#42 – Metal Signs
#43 – Woven Artwork

Wall art shop ideas for Etsy.

Accessory Shop Ideas

Accessories are really popular on Etsy because they make fantastic gifts. These types of shops can do especially well around the holidays. 

#44 – Hair Accessories (Scrunchies, Headbands, Clips, Etc.) 
#45 – Bags, Purses & Wallets
#46 – Keychains
#47 – Hats
#48 – Scarves
#49 – Mittens
#50 – Blankets

Jewelry Shop Ideas

Jewelry is also really popular on Etsy, and you can sell jewelry items as well as the supplies needed for handmade jewelry. 

#51 – Handmade Jewelry (Necklaces, Rings, Earrings, Etc.) 
#52 – Handmade Jewelry Supplies (Beads, Feathers, Etc.) 
#53 – Jewelry Supplies
#54 – Jewelry Patterns

Skincare Shop Ideas

People love natural, handmade skincare products, and this is no exception on Etsy. 

#55 – Bath Bombs
#56 – Bath Salts
#57 – Cleanser, Moisturizer, and Lotion
#58 – Face Masks

Skin care shop ideas for Etsy.

Toys & Games Shop Ideas

You may not think that toys and games sell well on Etsy, but you would be wrong! The neat thing about this category is you can make really unique, handmade, or customized toys that the buyers on Etsy will just love. 

#59 – Stuffed Animal
#60 – Board Games
#61 – Puzzles
#62 – Sensory Play Toys
#63 – Learning Toys
#64 – Dolls

Stationery Shop Ideas

Stationery is one of the original top-sellers on Etsy, and it is still where many people go to find custom, unique stationery. Here are some ideas of stationery items you could sell. 

#65 – Labels (Pantry, Organization, Gifts, Etc.) 
#66 – Pens
#67 – Cards (Holidays, Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding, Baby Shower, Get Well Soon, Etc.) 
#68 – Invitations (Parties, Wedding, Etc.) 
#69 – Notebooks/Journals
#70 – Planners
#71 – Planner Stickers
#72 – Washi Tape
#73 – Calendars

Printables Shop Ideas

You can create an entire shop on Etsy dedicated to selling a wide variety of printables. Plus, if you want to create several different types of printables like planners, checklists, etc., you can stand out by niching them down for a specific type of person (i.e. a working mom, a university student, etc.) 

#74 – Daily Planner
#75 – Guided Journals (Gratitude, Self-Care, Etc.)
#76 – Meal Planner 
#77 – Budget Planner
#78 – Cleaning Checklist
#79 – Moving Planner & Checklist
#80 – Games (Roadtrip, Learning, Bachelorette Party, Etc.) 
#81 – Activity Sheets For Kids
#82 – Kids Crafts
#83 – Colouring Pages
#84 – Chore Chart
#85 – Trackers
#86 – Knitting, Crochet, and Sewing Patterns
#87 – Paint By Number

Printable shop ideas for Etsy.

Business Shop Ideas

And last but not least, there are so many customers on Etsy who are looking for products that can help them in their business. Here are some ideas of things you could sell in this category. 

#88 – Canva Templates (Social Media Graphics, Ebooks, Lead Magnets, Etc.) 
#89 – Powerpoint Templates (Webinars, Presentations, Etc.) 
#90 – Business Planner
#91 – PLR Products
#92 – Brand Kits
#93 – Logos
#94 – Website Themes

By now, you probably have a big list of things you want to consider selling. But how do you choose? 

How To Choose What To Sell On Etsy

When it comes to deciding what you want to sell, you might feel overwhelmed by all the possibilities and options. There are a few things you can do to narrow down on what you want to sell. 

Consider What You Want To Do Long Term

If your Etsy store is something you want to keep running for the long run, you will want to carefully consider what you are willing to do long term. 

If you are creating handmade goods, do you enjoy making them? Is it sustainable for you in the future to keep creating them? 

Consider What Sells Well On Etsy

One of the biggest perks to having an Etsy store is the existing customer base. You don’t need to go and find your own customers because they are already on the platform. 

With that being said, you will want to consider what sells well on Etsy to those existing customers. You want to sell products that help solve a problem that your ideal Etsy customer has. 

Don’t Reinvent The Wheel

While you should definitely put a unique spin on your product so that it stands out from similar products on the market, you also don’t want to reinvent the wheel. 

Look at what is selling well, put your own unique flavor or spin on it, and run with it! 

Analyze The Competition

Before you finalize what you are going to sell in your store, analyze the competition in the category you’ve chosen. 

Is it too saturated? How can you make your product stand out? How can you help your customers solve their problems in a unique and different way? 

Niche Down

If there is a lot of competition for the thing you want to sell on Etsy, brainstorm ways you can niche down further. So instead of targeting anyone and everyone who would be shopping for that type of item, niche down to a certain type of person, style, problem, etc. 

Some examples of niching down include: 

  • Moms – Homeschool Moms, Working Moms, Etc. 
  • Home Decor – Modern Decor, Farmhouse Decor, Etc. 
  • Kids – Toddlers, Pre-Schoolers, High School, Etc. 

Keep Your Profit Margins In Mind

I know profit margins sound really scary, but I promise they aren’t! And by considering this in advance, you will set yourself up for the best financial success with your Etsy shop. 

Simply consider how much you can sell your product for.

Then, list out all the expenses you will incur to make the product. This can include supplies, software, etc. 

Take your sales, subtract your expenses, and this equals your potential profit margin. 

Lastly, compare the profit margin against the time it will take you to create the product to see if there is enough profit there for you to consider this a worthwhile time investment. 

I hope that this post has helped you brainstorm and narrow down on some Etsy shop ideas that you would like to start. Let me know in the comments below what kind of Etsy shop you are going to start. 

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